About us

Taqsim is a platform that enables musicians and producers from the MENA region to communicate through sound, improvisation and collaboration. Using mobile devices, recording studios, their instruments or even the environment itself, artists can upload and download sounds that resonate ideas which in turn fuel productions from nearly any genre.

About us 1

What we do?

Artists in the MENA region currently face a number of challenges in creating independent music. Travel restrictions make it difficult for artists to seek production assistance, which calls for the development of a range of tools to allow the remote sharing of musical resources. Access to a range high quality sound files to sample can be limited: sub-par formats and restrictive licensing create barriers, while a lack of culturally relevant content, including politically-inspired spoken-word and regional instruments can force adherence to a more generic sound. Taqsim seeks to address these obstacles by both reducing the isolation faced by artists, and giving them access to a wider array of regionally specific material with which to work.

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Our mission

Taqsim will contribute to the rich cultural landscape of the region by broadening artistic avenues. Through self-expression and cross-border collaboration, artists will work together to open new corridors for political discourse through music.

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